Edenvale Marathon 2020

Edenvale Marathon sponsored by StaminoGro – Sunday 8th March 2020.

As Race Director I am ever so thankful that the Edenvale Marathon was able to take place, had it have been scheduled to take place 3 weeks later we would have been in Lockdown. Dozens of running events have been moved, cancelled or transformed as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. Many runners have had races they’ve spent months training for pulled from under them. Clubs who have spent months preparing for their race seeing it being stopped for the wellbeing of all.  Many people do not realize how many months ahead of an event Clubs start to prepare. The amount of time, money and effort that gets put into the preparations of a race event.


The Edenvale Marathon 2020 Race Committee was made up of:

  •  Charmain Lemkus – Assistant Race Director and Water Point Administration 
  •  Clive Dawkins – Start and Waterpoints
  •  Jackie Allen – Race Finish and Security
  •  Jacqui Bunge – Fun Run
  • Joe Do Couto – Field and Race Set up
  • John Auerswald – CGA Licenses
  •  Karen Bekker – Registration
  •  Mark Gavin – Parking
  •  Megan York – Registration and Gazebos
  •  Roger Govendar – Marshals
  •  Simon Woodward – RRW Chairman
  •  Vernon Cloete – Treasurer
  •  And myself, Sharon Holton as 2020 Race Director.

The above group of people gave up their private time to meet on Wednesday evenings from 5:30pm till 8 to 9pm.  The meetings started in November, took a break for December and then continued through to Race week-end. There were many hours spent on week-ends and during the week going over the arrangements for the race. I personally would like to thank each and everyone on the Committee. I greatly appreciate the hard work everyone put into the race and it was an honour being able to work with each of you. We had a strong chain and every link played its part.

To our race sponsor StaminoGro and Lientjie Kruger. Lientjie, thank you for your Sponsorship towards the Edenvale Marathon as well as your support during the months ahead of the race.  Thank you to your Team for working a water point and for the lovely goodie bags StaminoGro gave us for the Fun Run.

This year the Edenvale Marathon and Fun Run gave away many spot prizes.  The water tables were packed with different types of snacks and food.  This would not have been possible without the contributions we received from businesses and people in the community.  To everyone in Edenvale who contribute towards our race, no matter how big or small, we thank you. Your contributions have helped to make the Edenvale Marathon extra special for the runners and in return it enabled Edenvale Rand Road Warriors to help raise more funds to help uplift Edenvale.  Our gratitude goes out to:

  • ABI Capi Juice – Fruit Juice for the Fun Run water table
  • African Bank Greenstone – Sponsorship to Rainbows and Smiles
  • Andrew Crowe – Spot give away prize of a medal hanger
  •  Anita’s Bra wear – Spot give away prizes
  • Bavaria 0.0% – Sample stock for our runners at race registration
  • Black Strawberry Active Wear – Spot give away prizes
  • Build It Bedfordview and Edenvale – Donation towards the painting at Don Matera
  • DanPro – Sample stock for our runners, after the race
  • Dowerglen Spar – Chips, Easter Eggs & Biscuits for water tables
  • Funky Pants – Spot give away prizes
  • Hoko Activewear – Spot give away prizes
  • IMI Designs Professional Picture Framing – Spot give away prizes
  •  In Touch Wellness – Spot give away prizes
  • JODs Costume Hire – SuperHero shirts Cyclists & Finish
  • Jonsson Workwear Greenstone – R1000 spot give away voucher
  •  JVC Earphones – Earphones for all Fun Run entrants
  • Karaglen SuperSpar – Easter eggs, chips and biscuits.
  •  Kia Motors Greenstone – The lead car for the 42km
  •  Lego – Spot give away prizes
  • Mark Greenhill – Energy sweets, biscuits and chips at water points.
  • Mamba – Contribution towards security
  • Mercure Hotel Bedfordview – Week-end away spot prize
  • Mind Your Hero – Spot give away prizes
  •  Minuteman Press Edenvale – Printing of the Parking Tickets 
  •  O’Peri Peri – Baby potatoes for marathon water point
  •  Papachinos – Spot give away voucher
  •  Patrones Pizza – Pizza at the Marathon water point
  •  Propertunities – Banana Bread at the marathon water point
  •  Scrap Matix – Spot give away prizes
  •  The JBE Printing Group – Printing of info flyers and road signs
  •  Virgin Active Karaglen – Spot give away prizes
  •  WD Ice Factory – Donation of ice for the water tables and finish
  •  Zigi Trading – Ice-pops for our runners at race registration
  •  If I have left anyone out I apologize. 

Thank you to Edenvale CPF for their assistance, out on the road, with the busy intersections and problem areas. We greatly appreciate your help. Things can sometimes get rather heated out on the road and we are always grateful to have your back up. 

We had a total of eight water points on the road.  These water points are all run by volunteers, helping running Clubs, schools and some businesses. A special thank you goes out to all of you.  Your spirit and cheering helps keep the runners going and adds to the spirit of the race. Our 2020 water tables were manned by the below:

  • Bedfordview Athletics Club
  • Choc Cows / Holy Rosary School
  • Cherrywood Estate Agency
  • Edenvale High School
  • Germiston Callies Athletics Club
  •  SPCA
  • StaminoGro
  • Sunninghill Striders Running Club


Thank you to the Scouts and Gallopers running club who assisted with set up, break down, the parking and marshaling.

The 2020 Edenvale Marathon had a total of 5578 online entries. This was made up of:

  • 1955 – 42km entries
  • 1995 – 21km entries
  • 1309 – 10km entries
  • 319 Fun Run entries

There were additional race entries sold over race week end which gave us a total of just under 7000 runners.

It is with great pride that we are able to announce that Edenvale Rand Road Warriors / Edenvale Marathon and our runners were able to donate a total amount of R348 000.00 to the Edenvale Community. The donations are:

  • Rainbows and Smiles Childhood Cancer Awareness – R 100 000.00
  • Edenvale SPCA – R35 000.00
  • Edenvale High School (2 x Scholarships) – R50 000.00
  • Edenvale Community Policing Forum (3 x Camera for the Edenvale CPF Camera Program) – R75 000.00
  • Harmelia Scouts – R10 000.00
  • 1st Avenue Scouts – R5 000.00
  • Dowerglen High School – R20 000.00
  • Don Matera Youth Centre – R20 000.00 (Painting of Dormitories)
  • RoleModels Foundation – R5 000.00
  • RySky Foundation – R5 000.00
  • Gallopers Running Club – R15 000.00
  • Closed Boomed Area (4 x R2 000) – R8 000.00 

A special thank you goes out to Zenzi Masuke and Kyle Dawkins who were not on the Race Committee but took leave and gave up their work and personal time on Friday, Saturday and Sunday to assist the Committee.

Last but not in any way least, thank you to the Rand Road Warriors Club members and your families. For a Club with under 200 members we put on a Race Event that we can be very proud of.  Thank you so much to all of your family members and friends who all come and assist us. In total we have over 600 people working at the race. There is so much to be done with so few people. From Thursday afternoon to Sunday afternoon members gave up their private time to assist with the race. On the day of the race, getting up extra early to go and stand at a marshal point for hours, setting up water points, manning race number collection and numerous other tasks.

Once again thank you to all Rand Road Warriors for giving up your family time to help your club. We hope that you are proud of what we were able to achieve and what we are able to give back to our Community.

Stay Strong and Keep Safe

Sharon Holton

On behalf of the Rand Road Warriors Running Club,

Edenvale Marathon 2020 Race Committee