Covid-19 Protocols

Please respect the current COVID-19 regulations. Should you run in small groups, please ensure all social distancing and any other restrictions are adhered to. Keep physical contact to a minimum. Wear a face mask at the start and finish of your run and stay 1.5m apart. Please help us to ensure the prevention of COVID-19 spreading.


Morning Club Runs

Rand Road Warriors communicate with the runners in regards to daily runs through the Clubs three Whatsapp groups. Running Routes change weekly and runners are informed of the details on their group. 

Monday to Friday morning runs start from Virgin Active Karaglen at 4:50 where the Club meets and then the groups split into their runs. Weekend run details are also posted weekly and all runners and beginners are welcome to join.


Weekly Time Trial

We have a timed Time Trial every Thursday morning at the Beverly Road Park, Highway Gardens. Runners are to meet at Beverly Park no later than 5am. Timing chips are available at the venue, should you wish to have your results recorded. Note: all runners and walkers are welcome to join.

We then also have a Virtual Time Trial that you can take part in on a Thursday.  Some of the runners meet on a Thursday afternoon at Beverly Park and run the Virtual Time Trial.  Summer time is 17h45pm and Winter 17h30pm. Times are to be submitted to Strava and then forwarded to John Auerswald (082) 683 3400.