Race Rules

  • This race is held under the rules of the ASA & CGA, and by entering the race you acknowledge to abide by these rules.
  • International athletes must provide a clearance letter from the country of origin to the referee in the event of them winning a prize.
  • Participants in the Pharmaton Edenvale Marathon, half marathon, 10km & KidneyBeanz 5km fun run & related activities (“the event”) acknowledge that although all precautions have been taken by the organising body there maybe dangers inherent in participation in the event. Participants voluntarily assume such risks & waive all claims of whatsoever nature and however arsing in relation to the event against any parties, including but not limited to the organising body, sponsors, advertisers, local authorities, directors, employees and suppliers of these parties and any individual, official, marshal or agent (“parties”). Participants irrevocably indemnify the parties against any liability or claims of any nature whatsoever arising (whether directly or indirectly , whether negligence, albeit gross and/or from involvement in or passage to or from the event) including but not limited to liability or delay, inconvenience, accident, death injury, illness to their person, or loss or damage property or costs and expenses sustained, incurred or put to by participants and/or by any minor child under the care or control of participants. Parents or guardians authorising a minor’s participation in the event, hereby consent to such minor not being capable of waiving his/her rights as stipulated.
  • Cut off time is 11h30
  • Race Route: The route is the same as the 2017 route (marathon is a double lap)
  • Club Colours: Registered athletes must run in club colours with a 2018 licence number displayed on the front & back with the Pharmaton Edenvale Marathon number displayed on the front of the vest.
  • Temporary licences: Temporary licences will be on sales for the half marathon & 10km on race day. These must be worn on the back of plain clothing. NO temporary licences will be SOLD for the 42KM as per CGA RULES!
  • Minimum ages on race day: 42km – 20 years, 21km – 18 years, 10km – 15 years
  • ID Tags: Numerical age category tags must be worn on the front & rear of the vest and be clearly visible.
  • Walkers and wheelchairs are welcome.
  • No pets allowed.
  • No iPods, MP3 players, headphones or other electronic devices may be used during the race other than hearing aids.


  • Entrants are required to wear a ChampionChip® to be eligible for results and qualify for prizes. No manual insertion of results will be accommodated and no results will be amended for failure to comply with such rule. The No Chip, No Result, No Prize rule will be strictly enforced. To ensure that you are accurately recorded in the Race Results it is important that you are in possession of your ChampionChip® that is correctly registered in your name. If you do not currently have a ChampionChip® or want to verify that it is correctly registered, this can be done on the Internet at www.championchip.co.za or by contacting ChampionChip® Africa on 0861 100 963. Your ChampionChip® code must be entered on this entry form. Your ChampionChip® MUST be correctly attached to your shoe laces. For correct attachment instructions please visit www.championchip.co.za. No corrections or manual updates will be done due to incorrect use of the ChampionChip® or not abiding by the race rules. NO CHIP NO RESULTS NO PRIZE MONEY. ChampionChips® will be on sale at the entry venues as well as at the race